Spiced Oats

oats with blood orange’d winter fruit and spices.

serves: 2 (+leftover oats)
cost per serving: $4.5

1-2 c. steel cut oats
1 tbs. plain yogurt
3-4 c. filtered water
raw butter
1 blood orange
1 apple
1 pear
dried bing cherries
2 dates
vietnamese cinnamon
bee pollen
sage honey
sunflower seed milk (see recipe)

place oats and half the water in a bowl. whisk in yogurt. let sit overnight. add to pot with a pinch of salt and some butter. bring to a boil, cook for 10min stirring constantly. juice and zest the orange. chop apples, pears, and cherries, add to orange juice. stir in cinnamon. let sit. when oats are done put in a bowl and stir in some butter and honey. top with fruit mixture, dates, bee pollen, and sunflower seed milk.

steel cut oats

add plain yogurt

whisk yogurt, water and oats.

soaked oats

a pinch of salt and some butter

add to pot, bring to a boil

bring to a boil. cook for 10min stirring constantly

blood orange

one apple, one pear

core and slice apple

slice pear

coat apple and pear with blood orange juice

chop cherries

when oats are done, put in a bowl

stir in some butter and honey

top with fruit mixture, dates, bee pollen

and sunflower seed milk

nutritional value:

steel cut oats:
these oats contain everything that is in the whole oat, retaining most of their B vitamins even through processing. improve resistance to stress and thus support the system being in a healthy state of balance. stabilizes blood sugar. regulates the thyroid. sooths nervous and digestive systems. reduces craving for cigarettes. reduces cholesterol. renews bones. anti-inflammatory.

contains good bacteria, protein, and several other nutrients found in dairy foods, like calcium, vitamin B-2, B-12, potassium, and magnesium.

rids the body of carbon dioxide. aids in digestion. balances body’s acid-alkaline level. stimulates the liver. critical for preserving the serotonin and melatonin levels in the brain. vital for sleep regulation and bone structure.

daily consumption will aid in toning and purifying the entire system. aids in digestion. the zest helps relieve intestinal gas, pain, swelling, and constipation. it also aids in  decongesting the lungs.

naturally antitoxic. modifies the intestinal environment by reactivating the beneficial bacteria that normally flourish there. highly digestible, alkaline food. help to clean the teeth. removes impurities in the liver and digestive tract. contains pectin which binds with radioactive residues and other toxins to be removed from the system. improves the assimilation of of iron in companion foods. cleanses the gallbladder and helps to soften gallstones.

rich in alkaline elements. cleanses the system. helps the thyroid to function properly. maintains a balanced metabolism. pears contain even more pectin than apples. pectin reduces serum cholesterol and cleanses the body of environmental and radioactive toxins.

stimulates and cleanses the digestive system. contains magnesium, iron and silicon.

act as an astringent for intestinal troubles. naturally warming and energizing.

detoxifying, as it creates freshness and strengthens and energizes the tissues. promotes digestion. raises vitality and stimulates all the vital functions of the body. regulates blood sugar. aphrodisiac.

bee pollen:
rejuvenates the body. stimulates organs and glands. enhances vitality and potentially brings about a longer life span. contains a wide spectrum of vitamins, hormones, and carbohydrates. has 22 amino acids, 27 mineral salts, thousands of enzymes and coenzymes, 14 beneficial fatty acids. one of the few vegetable sources rich in vitamin B12. increases capillary strength. for women alleviates menstrual pain and restores regularity. contains gonadotropic hormone which stimulates the sex-gland.

immune-stimulating. draws out the moisture in germs, killing them. rich with certain active enzymes which may be a key to long life.

sunflower seeds:
nourishes the entire body, supplying it with many elements needed for growth and repair. a rich source of protein, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, and the B complex vitamins. contains pectin which binds radioactive residues and removes them from the body. good for the teeth.

Soaking grains overnight is very important. This can be done with either plain yogurt or citrus juice (for a vegan version of this recipe I would substitute grapefruit juice for the yogurt and omit the butter). In every type of grain, there is something called phytic acid in the bran (some people think that eating bran, i.e. bran muffins, is healthy, but over time will lead to gastrointestinal disorders), what phytic acid does is bind to vital nutrients making it nearly impossible for your body to assimilate them. Soaking removes the phytic acid allowing your body to absorb important nutrients like calcium and magnesium. It also begins to break down the grains making it easier for the human body to digest them. If you think about it, cows eat grains and they have 4 stomachs in order to do digest them effectively, since we are not as well equipped it is important to break the grain down a bit so that we get all the energy and nutrients that carbohydrates have to offer.
Soaking grains also cuts down on your time in the kitchen, steel cut oats normally take at least 30min to cook, but since they are softer after soaking they only take 10min.


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