Steak and Eggs

steak and eggs

serves: 2
cost per serving: $9.50

.6 lb top sirloin
1 red onion
1 purple spring onion
1 cup cooked vallarta beans (left over from orecchiette and vallarta bean salad)
2 sprouted wheat tortillas
½ c. shredded beemster  vlaskaas cheese (left over from tombo tuna melt)
2 heads of garlic
4 eggs
⅓ c. chicken stock (or water)

rinse meat and pat dry with paper towels. take about ½ tsp. of salt and salt meat on all sides. let sit in the fridge for 1 day. heat oven to 375˚F. cut bottom ½ inch off of garlic heads. put garlic in muffin tins, pour olive oil over them so that the garlic heads are sitting in about 1” of oil. bake for 40min. take steak out of fridge and let sit for about 1hr. so that it comes to room temperature. slice bottom ½ inch off of garlic slice red onion in half, slice into big half circles. heat two pans on the stove, one for the onions and steak and one for the beans. add a little ghee to both pans, when melted add the beans to one pan and the steak to another. place red onions around the steak. cook steak for about 4-6min each side, set steak on a plate and let rest for about 10min before slicing. let onions caramelize and when they have begun to brown chop spring onion and add. cook onions til spring onion is just beginning to turn clear, set aside. meanwhile, mash beans with a potato masher and add a little chicken stock (or water) to make them a little more liquid, continue mashing and cooking until they are hot, set aside. in the same pan (after scraping up bean bits), warm a little ghee. place 2 tortillas side by side, sprinkle a little cheese on and cook til crispy. meanwhile, in the other pan fry eggs. put quesadilla on a plate. top with mashed beans, roasted garlic, slices of steak, eggs, caramelized onions, and parsley.

salted top sirloin

sliced red onion

spring onion

cooked vallarta beans

sprouted wheat tortilla

caramelized onions

roasted garlic

refried vallarta beans

cooked sirloin

beemster vlaskaas cheese quesadilla

layer beans, garlic, and steak

steak and eggs

top with caramelized onions and parsley

nutritional value:

fights infection. antibiotic. keeps blood vessels free of clots. relaxes bronchial muscle. contains the potent anticancer bioflavonoid quercetin, which is not destroyed by cooking. helps to remove heavy metals and parasites from the gastrointestinal tract. cleanses the system of urea and sodium. prevents tooth decay.

help to reduce blood cholesterol. control insulin and blood sugar. lowers blood pressure, regulates colon function. prevents constipation.

stimulates the liver to cleanse itself of toxins. good for the heart. when prepared properly, is a cancer inhibitor.

one of the most beneficial foods for the digestive system. aids in the elimination of noxious waste matter and toxic heavy metals from the body. boosts immunological functions. purifies the bloodstream by removing sticky inorganic deposits in the blood vessels. regularizes the action of the liver and gallbladder.

contains 22 amino acids, 8 of which are essential. good source of iron, zinc, vitamin A, and D.

a good source of protein. helps to decrease inflammation.

facilitates oxygen metabolism. cleanses the blood. dissolves sticky deposits in the veins. maintains elasticity of blood vessels. helps to remove kidney stones and gall stones. stimulates adrenal sections.

rids the body of carbon dioxide. aids in digestion. balances body’s acid-alkaline level. stimulates the liver. critical for preserving the serotonin and melatonin levels in the brain. vital for sleep regulation and bone structure.

aids in digestion and relieves gas. anti-inflammatory. protects the liver. antioxidant and antibacterial.

chicken stock:
aids digestion. acts as a protein sparer, allowing the body to more fully utilize the complete proteins that are taken in. helps prevent and mitigate infectious disease.

this is butter from which the water and milk solids have been removed. aids in digestion by stimulating the secretion of digestive juices. when used with herbs, it carries their medicinal properties to the tissues. does not increase cholesterol as many other oils do, but promotes the healing of wounds.


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